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Quick Mortgage Qualifying Calculator

This simple calculator can help you determine what your monthly payments will be, as long as you accurately provide:
  • The Mortgage Interest Rate
  • The Mortgage Amortization Period
    Number of total years of the mortgage, times 12. This is not to be confused with your mortgage term which is only a portion of time that you have an agreement with the lender on your interest rate. For example, a typical amortization period is 25 years, which would be 25 x 12 = 300 months.
  • The principal amount,
    Which is your purchase price (and any other monies borrowed with this loan), minus your total down payment.

Payment Calculator
Mortgage Calculator:
Calculate the estimated monthly principal plus interest payment (monthly payment) given the amount of principal, amortization period and the Mortgage Interest Rate.

Principal amount ($):
(Purchase Price minus Down Payment)

Mortgage term:
(E.G: 25,30 Years)
Monthly Payments
Mortgage Interest Rate:
(APR or Annual Percentage Rate)

Affordability Qualifier:
If you would like to find out your affordability of this mortgage amount, enter your gross annual income and click Check Affordability.

Income:($) Do I Qualify?