And then there was light!

And then there was light!

"What a great feeling! A year ago, we decided to equip our home with an electrical backup system just in case of unforeseen power outages. Last week, without warning, our lights flickered off, the internet went silent, the refrigerator fell silent, and even the furnace decided to take a break (talk about needing electricity for lots of stuff in our household!). This wasn’t just a brief inconvenience; it turned into a seven-hour outage.

But in our moment of need, our preparedness paid off. With a quick connection of our trusty Honda portable generator to the house, darkness gave way to illumination! Having power when the rest of the neighbourhood is plunged into darkness is an indescribable sense of reassurance.

Planning for this was a little out there. After all, who anticipates a power outage lasting more than a few minutes? (Though let's not forget the infamous 3-day blackout of 2003!) As real estate professionals, we don’t just search for and sell property; we are also our clients’ first call when they need assistance with their homes.

If you are wondering how to add a generator to your home, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to assist you with the process.


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