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In Toronto these days, it takes an owner and a seasoned Realtor working together to maximize the sale of their home. We explain these components to our clients to make their selling experience as smooth and profitable as possible.

The good news is that these days real estate remains in high demand and it is a seller's market out there. That makes it even more crucial not to take things for granted; better to use every resource at your disposal to get your home sold fast, and for top dollar.

Home Selling in Toronto

Let's look at the components of a successful sale. There are four critical principles to address properly to sell your home:

  • Pricing

  • Presentation

  • Promotion

  • Negotiation

When these issues are addressed properly, you can be sure that you will get the highest price possible for your home.


Pricing should be done in conjunction with a seasoned Realtor after looking at recent sales of similar properties, and many other variables.

Your Realtor must provide you with a thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). But the final decision is yours to make.

The third and fourth principles, Promotion and Negotiation, are the responsibility of your Realtor to provide. Knowing your realtor has a strong promotion strategy and lengthy negotiation experience is a must. Quite simply, the better the promotion for your home AND the better negotiator your Realtor is, the HIGHER the sales price you'll get and the sooner it happens.

So, with Pricing addressed in concert with your Real Estate Professional (and a CMA) and with Promotion and Negotiation largely being the responsibility of your experienced Realtor – the final item is Presentation. It is just as important as the other items.

To learn about our property marketing strategies that local Top Agents use,
 click here to hear from one in your area.


Toronto home stagingWhile the changes you make to your property are entirely up to the homeowner, it is an extremely good idea to get some coaching from an experienced Realtor who knows what cosmetically-improved features are most likely to attract a buyer and entice them to pay a higher price!

Proper Presentation Is Critical

After a combined 28 years of helping homeowners maximize their sales price, we realize why proper presentation of your home really is crucial!

For the most part, preparing your home for presentation means doing a number of cosmetic fixes and updates to make your house stand out from the others, and also so there aren't negative things in a prospective buyer's mind.

Why are these fixes so important? Here are the main reasons ...

For one, most home buyers do not have experience in fixing up a home, however minor those repairs are. So if they see something that needs work, they see a problem, not a solution. They also see an expense that they have to pay for.

So immediately in their heads, they have actually reduced the value of your home by several thousands of dollars!

Buyers have less cash than they used to

With tighter regulations limiting a buyer’s ability to have a smaller down-payment, and new land-transfer taxes, buyers simply need much more cash to buy – most do not have the extra finds for repairs.

Also, it’s not just a matter of money. A good number of potential buyers do not feel they have time to spare for handiwork. Most of them prefer to ‘move right in”.

If you have taken the time and money to address some obvious cosmetic issues on your property so that the buyer sees the value and sees little or nithing requiring their money or time - you can accept a better offer and sooner! 

So… How Can We Help You Sell Fast, and for Top Dollar?

Well we are willing to inspect your entire property, room by room, inside and outside. No obligation! No charge!.

Our purpose is to identify the quick cosmetic fixes and curb appeal items to get you the most for your property, and to sell it fast.

Our Room-by-Room Review is a good idea, whether you own a house or a condo to prioritize what to do to stage your home for the buyer’s eyes, by working on the big things first.

The goal... to make your home show better than all the other competitors in the market!


When’s the best time to have a Room-By-Room Review done?

The best time is… the sooner the better. Almost all sellers like you are in the same position as buyers... you are working hard and may not have the time to do a lot of work. Also for some fixes, you may not have the skills necessary to do the work.

In either case, having a longer span of time allows those cosmetic fix-ups to be carried out at a more relaxed pace over several weeks (and/or weekends).

That extra time also allows a bit of time to fit your fix-ups into your handyman’s busy schedule (or into your own).


What Should I Expect in a Room-by-room Review?

A typical Room-By-Room Review would take about ½ hour of your time, and we encourage you to follow along and make notes.

We will take a look at every interior room and around the outside (for houses) to identify the areas in your home where we can suggest cosmetic enhancements which will catch (or avoid catching) the buyer's eye.

After that, we'll present you with a complete list of items to be fixed that you can either do yourself or get done affordably. We can recommend handymen we have worked with if you don’t know one yourself.

Would you like to arrange a Pre-Sale Room-by-Room Review to Maximize Your Selling Price?

If you are planning to sell soon, please feel free to contact us to arrange a Room-by-room and indoor-outdoor review. There is no charge for this service,. We will be happy to work with you to sell your property fast, and for Top Dollar.

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