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Selling Fast, for Top Dollar

What are the top fixes or updates you should do to get the most for your property?

Every home is different, still there are many things that are worth doing on virtually every home to ensure it sells faster and for top dollar.

Sell fast, for more

With a combined 28 years of experience in Toronto Real Estate, we have consistently seen that homes which are well presented sell faster and for a higher price.

I have also learned which fixes are worth doing, and which fixes are not.

We have a comprehensive checklist for houses and condos that can not only get you more money for your home, but can also save you a lot of stress during the selling process.

It is not a pleasant experience to realize, after the fact, that some of the costly upgrades you have made are not automatically added to the price of your home.

For example, I have seen where an owner has paid good money to have carpet laid on their entire first floor - and when I came to inspect their house I discover that they have installed it over decent hardwood floors that could have looked spectacular with professional treatment - at a fraction of the cost for the carpeting.

In another instance, the owner had stripped off all the shingles and reroofed the entire house when it was only the front porch that needed some repairs.

home staging

In cases like this, the problem is that sellers now expect to regain that money they spent back again on the sale price, and in the end, they often received only 50 cents per dollar spent.

So what is the best approach to sell for top dollar?

It's fairly straightforward...  ONLY do cosmetic repairs that enhance the appeal in the eyes of the purchaser.

(Of course, there are always exceptions. Major problems, like a leaky roof, or mould issues should be fixed before you sell.)

We've developed a very thorough checklist, and we can go through your home, room by room and identify the issues, that when addressed, will help you sell faster and for top dollar.


Would you like to arrange a Pre-Sale Review?

If you are planning to sell soon, please feel free to contact us to arrange a Room-by-room and indoor-outdoor review. There is no charge for this service,. We will be happy to work with you to sell your property fast, and for Top Dollar.

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