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When is a Good Time to Sell?

When is the best time to sell my home?

time to sell your homeThis question is a bit complicated. Currently in Toronto, buyer demand has been exceeding the supply of homes on the market for years - making any time a good time to sell. But this also depends on what type of property you are selling, and the time of year.

For example single family homes are becoming more and more scarce each year - and many young families are willing to pay well to buy a detached dwelling with a year within the city limits.  

Condominiums, on the other hand are coming close to flooding the market, as condo development in the GTA is outpacing every other large city in North America - no small feat. A new type of condo is emerging, which is the family condo: a unit with 3 bedrooms or 2 plus den. Time will tell if young families are willing to make this adjustment.

When considering the time of year for selling - there really is no bad time. It's true that december has the smallest number of people looking to buy each year, but it is also the time of year with the least homes for sale. So even in a smaller market - the advantage still goes to the seller.

We are very candid with our clients and we work with them to list at the best possible moments. We have a strong marketing plan for each home we are selling. 

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